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Sherri Mueller MA LPC
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Challenges are a part of life. Those challenges can be debilitating, making it difficult to thrive, or even function, through each day. I want to help you to learn, not only to cope with daily life, but to really live, and move forward in freedom toward your goals and dreams.

I treat every client individually, assessing their unique needs and carefully choosing methods that will help them to find peace. I help clients through life transitions, grief and loss, anxiety, fear, depression, relationship conflicts, past issues, addictions, and more by giving them accountability, helping them find their inner strengths, and leading them through healing processes.

Some methods I use include goal setting, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, empathetic listening, life coaching, honesty, and encouragement. I also introduce communication methods in order to help maintain and grow relationships.

I hope to help each client find healing, value, confidence, and a renewed perspective on life. 

Challenges will come, but you don’t have to get through them alone.