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Sherri Mueller MA LPC
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Technology has completely changed communication over the years. While computers, cell phones, and tablets make it easier to stay connected in many ways, I see a significant decrease in the amount and quality of personal interactions that people have on a regular basis. The fast-paced world that we live in today can cause us to get lost in societal expectations and comparisons instead of making real connections. I help clients find peace in the midst of this busy life with activities designed to teach them to relax, enjoy life, and also thrive in daily interactions with others.

Solution Focused
Solution focused therapy is a future oriented approach. It can help clients to discover their dreams, desires, and goals, and to develop techniques to reach those. I enjoy using this method to show clients the control they can have over conflicts, and to help them make proactive decisions that reduce depression, stress, and anxiety.

Conflict Management
I like to work with individuals in order to help them understand and communicate with others more effectively. There are several techniques I introduce that can help clients to reduce conflict, instances of unhealthy behaviors, and unnecessary outbursts of anger. Many clients who have put these into practice, have told me, "I never realized that I could communicate so well, right in the middle of a conflict!"

It is important to set up healthy boundaries in our lives. Without those, it is easy to become angry or bitter toward others. I aim to help clients develop those boundaries in their relationships with family members, friends, coworkers, and strangers. Once they have healthy boundaries in place, they often feel happier with themselves and others, as well as less anxious and better overall.

The past can be a heavy burden to bear. Carrying those hurts and traumas around with us can affect everything about our present, and futures. I offer empathetic listening and therapeutic methods in order to bring healing. I help clients to use their past mistakes and pains as a powerful motivator to make positive changes in their lives that can set them free from the weight they carry. Not just in order to leave those things behind, but to also move forward to a brighter future where they can become the unique person that they desire to be!

Life Coaching
I offer life coaching to clients who want help with goal setting, time management, and accountability. Using a holistic approach, we go through each area of the client’s life that they desire to have more satisfaction in. Whether it be areas of personal growth, health, finance, recreation, environment, family, friends, romance, or spirituality, I help them consider ways to find more balance and enjoyment in their day to day lives.