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Sherri Mueller MA LPC
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What is Therapy Like?
Therapy is like going on a long hike with a tour guide. You want to get to a certain place and still be able to choose how you walk, but you don't have to do it alone. Having a guide helps you feel confident that your guide has done this many times and knows the paths to take. You know that you will eventually get to your destination because your guide has brought along tools and experience to keep you moving forward. Your guide helps point out places you might otherwise miss or dangers you may want to be cautious of in moving toward. When you feel tired, the tour guide suggests places to rest. When it rains, they might pull out an umbrella. When you want to quit, they help you regain your ability to keep going. They encourage you within your strengths, motivating you to keep moving along in your walk. Therapy includes another person in your journey, so you can work together toward a common goal. It can be challenging and exhausting, but the goal is to help you reach the place where you want to be, so you can feel proud of your hard work, and thankful you never gave up!